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Engine Services

At Pacificauto Service,Our team has much more experience to diagnose all type of engine related issues and offer a feasible repair service.

 With the advanced diagnostics equipment, we can analyse the current conditions and understand the problems. Our team firmly do the course of action against misfiring engines, fuel systems, engine overheating, engine starting and excessive fuel / smog test failure.We offer engine repair services for most vehicle brands including German Cars, American Cars, Asian Cars etc. Our experts do car engine replacement jobs in very professionaly.

Usual signs of Engine services include:

1.Producing black smoke

2.White smoke

3.Engine lacks power

4.Engine check light is coming

We provide the complete Engine service includes:

Inspection: The engine is carefully & thoroughly inspected by a Qualified Technician for any damaged and missing components.

Disassembling: The Engine is completely Stripped, each component is removed , checked and necessary replacements/repairs are made.

Cleaning: All the parts are thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, oil, contaminants & foreign material.

Repairs & Service: The Crankshaft, Camshaft, Cylinder Head, Engine Block etc are checked and machined if necessary. Damaged Parts are replaced.

Assembling: A Qualified Technician does the final assembly after checking all the Parts.

Testing: The Complete Engine is Dynamometer Tested for its Performance.